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Woodstone’s commitment to environmental responsibility is made possible by the uniquely flexible nature of our product. Our manufacturing process is virtually waste free. Our lumber is used in energy efficient windows and doors that are designed to last longer than the trees from which the wood is harvested. Program optimization techniques insure that wood waste is reduced to the lowest volumes possible.

Wood Chip Storage

Additionally, all remaining wood waste is processed into fuel that powers our shop more cleanly and efficiently than oil or natural gas. The trees that are harvested and used in our windows and doors have converted more carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis than is released into the atmosphere through Woodstone’s biomass gasification process actually reducing the effect on global warming.

Metering Bin to Burn System

If you are concerned with the depletion of tropical rain forests or our old growth western forests, Woodstone offers a variety of indigenous species including Northeast White Pine, Cherry and White Oak. The flexible use of wood species offers a wide range of beauty, hardness, strength, resistance to decay, economy and sustained availability.

If you have environmental concerns, please share that with us and request alternatives.