The WOODSTONE Company in Westminster, Vermont manufactures only the finest custom pegged mortise & tenon wooden windows, doors and associated architectural woodwork. Responsive control in product design, manufacture, delivery, installation and maintenance are guaranteed.

While this service is provided by using a combination of established traditional detail in conjunction with our own advanced design and manufacturing systems, WOODSTONE windows and doors continue to be carefully milled and hand assembled by experienced New England woodworkers.

WOODSTONE's blend of Tradition & Technology includes specification procedures that are precise. Comprehensive elevation drawings and section details of individual windows, doors and the most complex wooden trim packages are provided to scale for final approval.

Our engineers will consider your plans, a sketch or a photograph. Pricing is guaranteed, our project completion schedules are accurate, construction site coordination is professionally managed and we maintain a file of your project for future reference.

We are pleased to demonstrate WOODSTONE's logical system of custom design & manufacturing in the pages that follow and hope that you are as pleased with our services as we are for the opportunity to provide them to you. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to call on us.

WOODSTONE specializes in historic restoration and replication of period architectural detail. Our manufacturing system is designed to manage the most complex fenestration programs. Replicate molding profiles, antique and restoration glass, traditional operating functions and finishes are carefully coordinated with 21st Century high performance technology.

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