PURPOSE: Our experience with building construction and architectural woodwork indicates that on site painting usually occurs too late in the construction process to provide effective protection to woodwork. Primer is not finish paint and does not prevent the moisture penetration that causes warpage, checking and, ultimately, failure of subsequent coats of paint. Experienced painters agree that the finish paint should be applied promptly after the primer has dried. For this reason, Woodstone® has established a prime and paint service which will conform to most project requirements.

SPECIFICATION: Wood is sanded and prepared for paint by cleaning and removal of dust, dirt and foreign matter.

Prior to glazing and final assembly of the sash and jamb parts, primer is sprayed on and then brushed to work the paint into the wood. Prime only projects do not include sanding or filling of nail holes after the primer is applied.

For projects receiving one coat of finish paint after prime, nail holes are filled and the surfaces are again sanded and cleaned. The first coat of finish paint is then applied to unglazed sash or doors and the un-assembled jamb parts.

When the first coat of finish paint is applied prior to installing glass, it insures that all wood components are completely covered and sealed against moisture penetration. Furthermore, painting disassembled parts insures that all components are back painted and ends are sealed. The paint completely covers the bars and muntins, even where they meet the glass, thereby avoiding a common "peel point". The second finish coat is applied after glazing and glazing putty is trimmed.

For the best factory paint finish WOODSTONE® recommends a Sherwin-Williams® family of products including a 3 minute dip in HOMOCLAD preservative treatment (see Woodstone's Prime Paint Service Information) followed by one coat of A-100 Alkyd Exterior Wood Primer and two finish coats of Sherwin-Williams' exterior Acrylic SUPERPAINT.

Very dark paint colors are not recommended for exterior applications. Light to medium shade colors reflect more sunlight and prevent intense heat gain that can prematurely age and weather paint and wood. And remember, nothing is maintenance free. Variations in exposure to sunlight and water splash will require various repainting and maintenance schedules.

Medium shade colors are recommended for darker grained wood species such as Mahogany, Cherry and Walnut. The medium shade colors more easily hide the darker wood grains that are more difficult to cover, especially with open grained porous wood species prone to tannin bleed-thru such as Mahogany. If Mahogany is painted with a light color shade, two coats of A-100 Primer are recommended.

And while high gloss paints may highlight imperfections, over time the sheen does soften rendering any imperfections less visible. And in either case, the glossier the paint , the more durable and stain-resistant it is.

MULTIPLE PAINT COLORS & FINISHES: Products requiring multiple stain finishes or colors must be clearly specified. Do not paint only one side of a door or window. Finish coats should be applied in a controlled environment to all surfaces simultaneously or as closely following one another as possible. Uneven application of finishes causes wood to warp.

CLEAR FINISHES: See Woodstone's Care & Maintenance of Clear Wood Finishes cut sheet.

SCRATCHING GLASS AND HARDWARE: Remember that sharp steel and abrasives can easily scratch glass and hardware. Be very careful when cleaning paint, cement, stucco, plaster, dirt and other obstructions from glass and hardware surfaces.

PAINT STICKS: Gloss paints dry harder and stick less than flat or semi gloss paints. Paints with high percentages of coloration and pigment dry slower than simple base paints. In either case, windows and doors should not be tightly closed for long periods until recently applied paint has time to thoroughly cure. It can take days, even weeks, for paint to cure depending upon pigmentation, the weather and other moisture conditions to which freshly painted product is exposed. Some heavily pigmented paints may take weeks, even months, to thoroughly cure. Sash and doors should be opened from time to time to break the paint seal. Lubricants, such as Butcher's Wax or Lithium Grease (available at auto supply or hardware stores), should be applied to areas where paint to paint or paint to weatherstrip stick or bind.

WARRANTY: (For Woodstone Factory Applied Sherwin-Williams® SuperPaints Only)

The Sherwin-Williams® Limited Warranty reads as follows:
Sherwin-Williams® warrants for SuperPaint Gloss Latex One Coat Hiding over any color except rough, textured, or porous surfaces when applied according to label directions. For 20 Years from date of application, when two coats are applied according to label directions, Sherwin-Williams warrants that this product:
* will not noticeably fade
* will not stain brick, glass, trim or other surfaces below the painted surface
* will not peel or blister from properly prepared surfaces
* will not erode to expose the substrate
If this paint fails to perform as explained above when used according to label directions, upon proof of purchase, Sherwin-Williams® will furnish either an equivalent amount of new paint at no cost or will refund the purchase price. This warranty does not include labor or the cost of labor for the application of any paint. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Woodstone warrants that the Sherwin-Williams® SuperPaints listed above are applied in accordance with the label directions required by the Sherwin-Williams® 20 Year Warranty. Furthermore, Woodstone will assist in filing warranty claims with Sherwin-Williams® for factory applied SuperPaint. However, the Sherwin-Williams® warranty is the exclusive responsibility of The Sherwin-Williams Company. Therefore, WOODSTONE® disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including merchantability or fitness of Sherwin-Williams® paints and preservatives for a specific purpose. Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.

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