A section with multiple components is always listed as a MULTIPLE COMPONENT UNIT. The section number is listed first followed by the NUMBER OF UNITS. For example, the entrance with door, sidelites and transom is ONE Multiple Component UNIT.


Following the MULTIPLE COMPONENT heading is the REFERENCE name. The REFERENCE name generally includes a brief description of the MULTIPLE COMPONENT UNIT or a reference to drawings or location.


The REFERENCE name is followed by three dimensions. ROUGH OPENING, JAMB TO JAMB and TRIM TO TRIM.


The ROUGH OPENING is the dimension of the frame opening in a building necessary to allow the unit to be installed within it. Generally, 1/2" of clearance is allowed on each side and 3/4" of clearance allowed above the unit JAMB to JAMB dimension.


The JAMB TO JAMB dimension is the OUTSIDE width and height of the unit jamb that fits within the ROUGH OPENING.


The TRIM TO TRIM dimension is the OUTSIDE width and height of the EXTERIOR trim or casing. The TRIM TO TRIM dimension is sometimes the equivilent of a MASONRY OPENING if the building is faced with brick or stone.