WOODSTONE® offers a priming service for most doors and windows manufactured at our facilities. Generally, our primers are sprayed and/or brush applied prior to glazing to allow penetration to areas that are not accessible after manufacturing assembly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Paint primers are not to be considered as a waterproof finish. Woodstone recommends that all doors and windows be top-coated with an adequate number of coats of a waterproof paint or finish sealer appropriate to the products location (i.e. exterior or interior) as soon as the unit is installed, or sooner if installation is delayed. All sides and edges of any door, window, jamb or trim should be finish coated with a compatible waterproof material in accordance with the product manufacturer's recommended procedures. Finish coats should be applied to all surfaces simultaneously or as closely following one another as practically possible. Do not paint only one side of any door or window. Please refer to Woodstone Installation Procedures and Paint Service literature for more information.

Currently, Woodstone applies Sherwin-Williams® A-100 Alkyd Exterior Wood White pigmented primer. Woodstone does not imply any warranty or guaranty other than the fact that the A-100 primer is applied in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. Any warranties for A-100 primer are those made by Sherwin-Williams?. Woodstone hereby disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including any merchantability or fitness of A-100 for a specific purpose.

Sherwin-Williams® HOMOCLAD preservative treatment is a deep penetration treatment that stabilizes grain movement and resists wood rot. HOMOCLAD is applied using a 3 minute total submersion process prior to glazing. Most stains and clear & opaque finishes are compatible and can be applied after the preservative treatment process. The HOMOCLAD treatment is applied only when specified.

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS® PRODUCT INFORMATION: A-100 can be top coated with Acrylic, Alkyd or oil based finishes. A-100 is mildew resistant and blocks out stains including tannin, cedar, pine and redwood. A-100 Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. Woodstone recommends two coats of primer for some stain blocking applications. See Woodstone's Paint Service information sheet.

SCRATCHING GLASS & HARDWARE: Remember that sharp steel and abrasives can easily scratch glass and hardware. Be very careful when cleaning paint, cement, stucco, plaster, dirt and other obstructions from glass and hardware surfaces.

PAINT STICKS: Doors and windows should not be tightly closed for long periods until recently applied paint has time to thoroughly cure. It can take days, even weeks, for paint to thoroughly cure depending upon the weather and other moisture conditions to which freshly painted product is exposed. Sash and doors should be opened from time to time to break the paint seal. Lubricants, such as Lithium Grease (available at auto supply or hardware stores), should be applied to
areas where paint to paint or paint to weatherstrip stick or bind.

Sherwin-Williams is a Registered Tradename of The Sherwin-Williams Company
Woodstone is a Registered Tradename of The Woodstone Company