It is important to note that ALL dimensions are ALWAYS listed in the order of



Following the MULTIPLE COMPONENT dimension is a listing of the individual components or SUB UNITS included in the MULTIPLE COMPONENT UNIT. Each SUB UNIT is listed by the SECTION NUMBER and a LETTER designating it as a separate part, or component, of the MULTIPLE COMPONENT UNIT.


For example, in the entrance mentioned earlier, the door is listed by the section # followed by the letter A, the sidelites have the same section # followed by the letters B and the transom by the section # followed by the letter C and so on. This is an index of each component which is described in detail directly following the MULTIPLE COMPONENT listing.


Following the subsection listing is an area for miscellaneous notes and total pricing for the complete MULTIPLE COMPONENT UNIT. Each sub unit is listed directly after the MULTIPLE COMPONENT section heading. This subsection listing contains specific information for each part of the MULTIPLE COMPONENT UNIT. These specifications indicate the majority of detail necessary to manufacture the unit.


The sub unit listing includes the following parts:


1. The sub unit heading includes a number of sub units, reference, rough opening, jamb to jamb and trim to trim dimensions.

2. Overall dimension description of the parts of each door or sash.

3. A complete description of the parts of each jamb in which the doors or sash are to be setup, including hardware, operation and other details that relate directly to the jamb and setup procedures when applicable.

4. Miscellaneous notes and pricing for each sub unit are also listed. The sub unit prices are added together and the total price is listed in the MULTIPLE COMPONENT heading.


A SINGLE UNIT is described in the same way as the MULTIPLE COMPONENT UNIT. The SINGLE UNIT uses the identical format of a sub unit in the MULTIPLE COMPONENT format. The SINGLE UNIT begins with the section # and letter (which is always the letter A) followed by the reference, dimensions and descriptions (parts 1 thru 4) as listed above.


As you can see, MULTIPLE COMPONENT UNITS are groups of SINGLE UNITS . The GLOSSARY OF TERMS defines the details and parts that are listed in the description area of each MULTIPLE COMPONENT, SINGLE UNIT or SUB UNIT.