Hardware details are provided by the manufacturer of the various hardware used with Woodstone's product. Hardware availability and function is as varied as any other consideration. Woodstone will consider any hardware function including custom manufacture of unique hardware or use of antiques. However, please understand that some hardware and corresponding mechanisms are not always compatible with desired window and door design and functions.


The WOODSTONE Palladian illustrated on the cover of the Woodstone Gallery includes a Baldwin Solid Brass Cremone Bolt on the center pair, Truth Roto Operators and Sash Locks on the out swing casement sidelite and cast bronze pulleys with custom manufactured sash weights and Baldwin Solid Brass Sash Lifts and Camlocks on the double hung sidelite.


List below are several links to well known window and door hardware manufactures. And these are certainly not the only hardware sources used by Woodstone or requested by our clients. Therefore we will be updating this list from time to time.


GU Hardware       http://www.g-u.com/


Truth Hardware    http://www.truth.com/home.html


Baldwin Hardware  http://www.baldwin-brass-central.com/


Bronzecraft       http://www.bronzecraft.com/woodware.html


Rocky Mountain    http://www.rockymountainhardware.com/index.asp


Von Morris        http://www.vonmorris.com/main.html


Merit Hardware    http://www.meritmetal.com/


Whitechapel LTD         http://www.mountaintopcomputers.com/


E.R. Butler                    http://www.erbutler.com/


P.E. Guerin Ltd.           http://www.peguerin.com/


Phelps Hardware         http://www.phelpscompany.com/