Our Manufacturing Facility in Walpole, NH

Our Design Facility in Westminster, VT
Screen door hinge mortises being back primed and painted before final assembly. No surface goes unprotected.
Elliptical transoms and arched top multi-lite doors await final assembly while screen doors receive solid bronze hardware.


Pieces and parts management with Woodstone's fenestration database is critical for the success of our finish milling department. One 8 lite over 8 lite weight & pulley double hung window with insulating glass includes nearly 800 pieces and parts. And with each piece and part able to be dimensionally customized in increments of 1/32", one seemingly minor dimension change from the architect can have a profound impact on the entire cut list, from the bars and muntins to the insulating glass spacer, pulley size and the length of sash chain - not to mention the Rough Opening the contractor prepares to accept the finished unit

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